I like monster babes
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if you'd like a commission, check on the info in the link on the left!
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Pay whatever you want grab bag commissions! 

You can choose a price anywhere from $1 to whatever! What you get isn’t set in stone, it’ll be anything from a chibi, bust, fullbody, even a couple! Some may just be lineart/finished sketch, painted or lines with color. (painted is first and fourth above, line w/ color are second and third.)

Send me an ask (off anon) if you want something with how much you are going to pay and what you want. Then I’ll respond with the paypal email to send the payment to, and I’ll get to work!

Higher payments are more likely to get more work, less is more likely to get something like a bust/chibi (idk i think thats a given)

I’m only doing these until June 21st! 

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